My favourite UX principles…

Understand the problem before trying to solve it. Time matters, build for people on the go. Focus should be on content and context rather than UI. Saying that a good UI makes it easy for users to complete, and not get distracted. Start with the basics. Engage beginners and attract experts. Make your application predictable.… Continue reading My favourite UX principles…

What is creativity? According to Stephen Bayley

Some of my favourite quotes regarding what is creativity: Defeat of habit by ambition Tolerance/affection for failure or possibility of it Characteristic of success Passion for change Resistance to the ordinary Refusal of the common place Preference for challenges An appetite for surprise Dislike of boredom. Src: Stephen Bayley – Creative Mornings

Share a coke campaign – localised

On a recent trip to Europe, I noticed how the coke “share a friend campaign”, has been localised by their marketing teams worldwide. Obviously coca-cola have a pretty big marketing team, and will have offices worldwide, but it goes to show that a consistent brand message can be pushed out across multiple locations, whilst still… Continue reading Share a coke campaign – localised

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