The user experience of huge signage

Posted on Aug 12, 2013

On a recent trip through London, I noticed a rather large piece of signage at Holborn tube station. Each letter was at least 4 inches high. The style of the signage was reminiscent of that found on motorways, where huge signs are used to give drivers advanced notice of any important messages. I believe the […]

The engagement crisis

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

It is the first time since the invention of the car that the newer generations are less likely to drive. Not necessarily because of environmental or or economic reasons but because they cant tweet, text or instagram whilst driving.* It is truly amazing how difficult it is to keep users engaged on something that isn’t […]

My favourite UX blogs

Posted on Aug 9, 2013

1. Usabilla blog 2. UX booth 3. Smashing Magazine 4. Alistapart 5. UX Magazine

UX toolbox

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

Check your designs Collect data and analyze user feedback with design surveys Prototyping Dotted paper creation – Create rapid interactive prototypes for web & mobile Mockups from photoshop files – Invisionapp

Inspiration – week 32

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

Jay Z – Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Piece

How long will it take to read this article?

Posted on Aug 7, 2013

As someone fairly new to ereaders, the first thing I noticed and liked about them is that they tell you how much time is left. I particularly like websites that use this same function, such as which allows me to read short articles from just about anyone, and employs the same technique. At the […]

CSS3 animation is becoming indistinguishable from flash animations

Posted on Aug 6, 2013

It amazes me just how much you can achieve with CSS3 animation these days. Some of the animation you see coming through looks like it would only have been achieveable with flash a few years ago. Some explains from one of my favourite websites

The Kindle Fire was designed for Brits

Posted on Aug 5, 2013

The sun shone for nearly one whole month in England (and the rest of Europe). This was met with joy by 99% of the population. However, I suddenly found myself searching for dark corners in order to continue reading my Kindle Fire and other similar devices. The contrast in the media I was consuming was […]