Online commenting

Posted on Sep 29, 2013

A collection of interesting approaches to online commenting

Hackday: online commenting re-imagined

Posted on Sep 27, 2013

At the Global Editors Network (GEN) hackday held at the Guardian HQ, the task was to “re-imagine commenting”. We had a very different challenge compared to the other teams from organisations such as the BBC, Metro, and The Times. Our challenge The Brand Republic sites tend to receive less than 5 comments per article, meanwhile […]

Vince Frost typo circle talk – Same shit, different country

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

At the JWT building in Knightsbridge yesterday graphic designer Vince Frost presented a cut down version of his prolific career highlights as part of typocircle monthly lecture. Notes of particular interest were – The london design festival logo design where he was inspired by the shape of an Iconic landmark – the route master bus, […]

Lessons learnt from Apple HCI interface guidelines and how they can be applied to everything

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Start Instantly. It’s best when users can begin using your app immediately. When you make the most of this brief period by presenting useful content immediately, you pique the interest of new users and give all users a superior experience. Focus on the needs of 80 percent of your users. When you do this, most people […]

Inspiration – week 36

Posted on Sep 9, 2013

The future of gamification?… Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

371k babies are born per day and 1.5mil mobiles enter the world per day

Posted on Sep 5, 2013

I read somewhere that 371k babies are born each day, but this number is dwarfed by the staggering 1.5 million mobiles that enter the world per day.

A better way of saying a form field is mandatory

Posted on Sep 1, 2013

I’d gotten used to seeing the term “mandatory” somewhere on a form filed, and a little asterix. It just seemed to be common practise and I hadn’t thought much into it having any negative connotation until recently. Synonyms for mandatory And how this small bit of copy could potentially put a user off filling in […]

How I got started in UX

Posted on Sep 1, 2013

I guess I was always interested in UX, but didn’t realise it until a year or two ago. Looking at my background, I was always destined to follow the path I am on now… Sociology At A-Levels I studied, Art, Graphics, Photography, and Sociology. Sociology being the curve ball in an otherwise purely creative subject […]