Shared TV experience

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

I was watching a film online recently, on my own. I wanted to share the experience with someone, a friend, but was too lazy to delay the experience by inviting a friend around, so proceeded to watch the film anyway. I have in the past watched things on live TV, and spent the whole time […]

The art of getting you started on a website

Posted on Jan 15, 2014

Twitter To get users started as quickly as possible, there is a walk through of suggestions. For example, people to follow, and companies to follow in order to make the site/webapp immediately useful. I can imagine the number of people registering, just for the sake of registering, but not realising the value of the service, […]

Usability on the web – error prevention

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Invision, my favourite tool at the moment, do a great job on Jakob Nielsons usability principle of  “error prevention” Error prevention Even better than good error messages is a careful design which prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. Either eliminate error-prone conditions or check for them and present users with a confirmation […]

Lighting re-imagined

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Some time ago I wrote about smoke alarms being re-imagined, now its the time of the lightbulb. Personal, wireless lighting

Web Dev’s will surely rejoice – IE is finally losing in the browser wars

Posted on Jan 5, 2014

Not being a web developer myself, I was late to notice just how much Internet Explorers market share has decreased in the last year or so. Working with web developers, I’ve always been informed about the strains and frustrations caused by having to IE proof a web page design. Coming from a graphic design background, […]

Inspiration week 1 – 2014

Posted on Jan 4, 2014

Witty error page by IMDB 10 Principles for good design by Dieter Rams Good design is innovative good design makes a product useful good design is aesthetic good design makes a product understandable good design is unobtrusive good design is honest good design is long-lasting good design is thorough down to the last detail good […]