Font for dyslexic people

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

…designer Abelardo Gonzalez has made his font, ‘OpenDyslexic’ for people with dyslexia everywhere. With its heavy-weighted bottoms to indicate direction, the font helps dyslexics recognize letters more easily. This font can also be downloaded here. An oldie but a goodie.

UX inspiration – smart holiday picker

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

I came across the below holiday picker on british airways site. Instead of giving you a list of places that you haven’t ever heard of, it helps you narrow down your choice based on temperature and journey time. You may for example, decide you want a warm holiday by the beach, so you’ll adjust the […]

Bad UX in the wild

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

I don’t know if its the sites I’ve been visiting, but I’ve noticed a lot of badly designed experiences online recently. Here are just a couple from the last few weeks. Limiting available options unnecessarily Problem: Asking me what floor I currently live on, but only accepting numbers. Well I live on the ground floor. […]

Improving the user experience of arriving in a new country

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

Being in a new place or country can be bewildering. Wouldn’t it be great if upon arrival you could receive a list of 10 things you ought to know? It could be an app even, where you can download the 10 things from a specific country or place for each trip that you are about to undertake […]

When will voice recognition wordprocessing get popular again? Or are we too distracted for it to work?

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I remember 10-15 years ago when it was very popular to use voice recognition wordprocessing software, but it never quite worked. It was the quick way of getting something down, when all you had to do was speak into a microphone and your computer would type it all out. At the time it sounded like […]

Inspiration week 6, 2014

Posted on Feb 3, 2014

MIT labs, the future of computing is tactile