Displaying cookie notification

Lynda.com do a very good job of displaying cookie notification by making it clear to the user what type of cookies they use, and allowing the user to easily select the category of cookie they will allow to be stored. src: www.lynda.com

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UX and wearable tech

Digit by Toshiba In April 2014 Toshiba released a promo video and website advertising “Digit” their wearable tech technology. The concept wasn’t particularly outlandish with the rate of advancement in wearable tech, but it was unfortunately an April fools joke. The T.Jacket Allows you to hug your child remotely. DrumPants Nymi – using your unique… Continue reading UX and wearable tech

Techies being responsible for newsletter micro-copy?

I saw the following email subject line when I decided to unsubscribe from a companies mailing list: Unfortunately the tone of the subject line was pretty harsh Termination Sometimes when speaking with techies, or industry professionals, they will throw in jargon by accident. Something that is well known in their field, but to the layman… Continue reading Techies being responsible for newsletter micro-copy?

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