eBay letting users know about a change to their site

Sometimes sites change, and sometimes users don’t realise that a change has happened. The below example is from eBay and shows all¬†screens used to inform users of the changes.

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Psychological priming

Priming in the film Focus If you haven’t watched it this’ll be a bit of a spoiler, so sorry. An outlandish bet is laid by Will Smith against a high roller at a football game. After losing several bets, Will Smith offers a double or quits bet where¬†he gives the highroller the opportunity to choose… Continue reading Psychological priming

Augmented Reality now

Augmented World Expo 2015 Disney Research – Augmented Reality Haptic technology that creates tactile sensations in free air Unbelievable bus shelter by Pepsi Max Design your own Vespa magazine advert

Inspiration – week 45, 2015

Fitts’s law states that things bigger and closer are easier to hit, as well as things that are at the edge of the screen. Why at the edge? Because your cursor has nowhere else to move. Its therefore impossible to overshoot past the corner or edge. However, with the prevalence of multi-screen desktop set-ups this… Continue reading Inspiration – week 45, 2015

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Inspiration – Online security (apparently we all have a different type pattern)

    I recently came across an example of an online security method that I’d never seen before. The website (for an online course) asked that the user submits a typing test every-time they submit an assignment in order to prevent cheating. I didn’t know this but apparently we all have a different type pattern,… Continue reading Inspiration – Online security (apparently we all have a different type pattern)