Moving away from stereotypes in advertising for a more inclusive future

Posted on Oct 20, 2019

This post is a quite different to the things I normally write about, but its something I really loved and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve noticed more brands moving towards using regular, real life, traceable people in their advertising. Airtasker was the first brand that I saw doing this. Airtasker is a company that […]

Surveys: participants will give up if you ask them too much or if you ask questions they find intrusive

Posted on Sep 11, 2019

I, like most, am more likely to fill in a survey if there’s a prize at the end, or if I really want to let a company know what I think, positive or negative. I started to fill in a survey recently and was struck by the number of seemingly irrelevant questions being asked of […]

Making it easier for people to ‘do good’ whilst staying at a hotel

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

On a recent trip, I noticed that my hotel offered guests the opportunity to do good and contribute to charity without having to lift a finger, and more importantly, without the hotel having to.  Instead of having their room cleaned, guests could opt-out of this service and money (I assume the labour and tool costs […]

How retail stores are taking steps to foster positive social impact which might not have an immediate benefit to their bottom line

Posted on Jul 29, 2019

There are many ways consumers and clothes retailers can do better for society. Fast-fashion and the detrimental impact it can have in our ecology is its own topic, but today I want to talk about a poster I saw in a changing room to bring awareness to signs of breast cancer. Poster in a changing […]

Design for inclusivity – an example from the redesign of ‘Talk to Frank’

Posted on Jun 29, 2019

I recently attended a meetup hosted by IDEO about designing for inclusivity. Amongst the talks was a case study of the “Talk to Frank” website redesign. Talk to Frank is a drugs awareness service that gives honest information. Background of talk to frank Talk to frank is a government run service that gives the public […]

Redefining banking for freelancers and the gig-economy

Posted on May 22, 2019

I recently heard about Oxygen a new challenger bank in the US. Oxygen is designed for freelancers and gig-economy workers who have a lack of predictable salary, which results in the inability to gain credit. As a freelancer, you might have weeks or months whilst working on a project without getting paid – but you […]

The future of bank branches? inspiration from South America, where some branches have co-working spaces and cafe’s

Posted on Apr 23, 2019

In Santiago, Chile, I saw a Santander bank branch which doubled up as a co-working space and cafe. I know that banks in the UK have been searching for ways to make their branch networks useful for their local community as more customers move to doing the majority of their banking online. The things branches […]

What’s the dishwasher doing? An example of design for the user experience in a physical space

Posted on Apr 11, 2019

Think of all the times you’ve accidentally opened a dishwasher partway through its cycle… unlike washing machines or other appliances where you can easily see if it’s on or not, with dishwashers it’s quite often – “pull the door and hope for the best” – especially if it’s in a built in kitchen. A colleague […]

Allergy information in restaurants

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

The problem: your restaurant needs to make its customers aware of the allergy restrictions for the food you offer. if you’ve been to a restaurant in the last few years you’ll have probably seen a hefty allergy book pulled out when someone in your party mentions they have an allergy or food intolerance. On a […]

Using facial recognition for payment instore? A video showing innovation in payment from China

Posted on Feb 16, 2019

Alipay in China has developed facial recognition technology that allows people to pay instore without the need for cards or other devices. The user simply scan their face at the kiosk and enter their mobile number. The developers say they have an accuracy rate of 99.8%. China, at the forefront of mobile and payment technology […]