Product idea: using technology to help with at-home-workouts (yoga)

Posted on Jun 29, 2020

Lots of us novices have been practicing yoga at home during lockdown. Its been a fun way of getting some exercise without the pressure associated with attending live classes with people who can bend, stretch and contort themselves into crazy unfathomable positions. The problem As a novice its hard to know if you are doing […]

Customer experience challenges and wins for businesses whose services were previously face-to-face only

Posted on May 21, 2020

Many companies and industries are finding ways to adapt to not being in an office or conducting their services face-to-face, where it was previously unimaginable, or at least not thought effective. We’ve been thrust into a world where innovative business practices are the norm and companies need to find a way to adapt, and quickly, […]

Kicking off a project during lockdown – making do with the tools you have

Posted on May 17, 2020

When lockdown started, there were a number of posts and tweets about the fancy collaborative tools available to help remote working. Unfortunately, many of us are restrictions in the tools we can use on our work computers. Tips for planning planning and running a remote kickoff workshop with limited tools Allow a lot of time […]

Service idea: show me how (to fix something)

Posted on Mar 3, 2020

I recently had a leaky sink. I didn’t know how to find out where it was coming from so I could fix it or get it fixed (the water was coming from behind the pedestal). I’m not naturally practical. I searched online and couldn’t find an answer. I wrote to the manufacturer to ask for […]

Event idea: New product and student/entry level jams.

Posted on Feb 29, 2020

The problem In the last few years, i’ve met an increasing number of people who are entering the field of UX feeling disheartened and disillusioned with the process of searching for a job. company agrees to implement something that’s been designed and student/entry level gets some experience for their portfolio.the market for juniors is overcrowded […]

Service idea: an easier way to provide references or recommendations

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

As a consultant/freelancer/contractor changing projects every 3-6 months, it can be time consuming and tiresome to provide references and recommendations for past work. Don’t get me wrong, everyone i’ve worked with has great things to say about me 😏. Some places insist on 2-3 years work history. This could add up to collecting 12 references […]

Trusting online reviews

Posted on Dec 22, 2019

in an unfamiliar place and short of time it’s often easy to look for an easy short cut to a good experience. People often go to tripadvisor to find recommendations for a good restaurant or experience in their location.  Recently, having done the same thing I started to get a better understanding of how top […]

Moving away from stereotypes in advertising for a more inclusive future

Posted on Oct 20, 2019

This post is a quite different to the things I normally write about, but its something I really loved and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve noticed more brands moving towards using regular, real life, traceable people in their advertising. Airtasker was the first brand that I saw doing this. Airtasker is a company that […]

Surveys: participants will give up if you ask them too much or if you ask questions they find intrusive

Posted on Sep 11, 2019

I, like most, am more likely to fill in a survey if there’s a prize at the end, or if I really want to let a company know what I think, positive or negative. I started to fill in a survey recently and was struck by the number of seemingly irrelevant questions being asked of […]

Making it easier for people to ‘do good’ whilst staying at a hotel

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

On a recent trip, I noticed that my hotel offered guests the opportunity to do good and contribute to charity without having to lift a finger, and more importantly, without the hotel having to.  Instead of having their room cleaned, guests could opt-out of this service and money (I assume the labour and tool costs […]