Pay it forward – a smokers moment of delight whilst travelling

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

Airports can be frustrating places for smokers.  Throw away your lighter? keep it on you and hope they don’t confiscate it? hunt around for a smoking room or not? wonder if the airport has a smoking room? try to find the smoking room or not? etc etc airports in china were particularly picky. no lighters […]

Usability of date fields in a non-latin language

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

i’m not going to lie – the thought of trying to find my way around chinese websites was daunting, especially on a mobile. For the most part, the websites I interacted with had english translations, or some level or chinglish.  my fears were mainly unfounded.  but i did come across on example that i found […]

When people have no choice they’ll struggle through but this doesn’t meant you should treat people like the they are computers – an online checkin experience. 

Posted on Apr 16, 2017

Recently, I was trying to check in for a flight. it was a long distance flight so I felt it important to check-in and choose my seat as soon as it was available. I logged onto the website precisely 23.5 hours before the flight – 30 minutes after check-in opened. Treating people like computers In […]

SMS reminder nudges

Posted on Mar 17, 2017

some businesses use SMS messages to remind or nudge customers so that they can reduce no-shows for appointments. it reduces costs as they can better plan their business.  I recently received two versions which on face value were of equal value to the business and customer, however when you look past the reminder, one stood […]

Cinema reservation seat chooser

Posted on Feb 19, 2017

I recently reserved some cinema tickets for myself and some friends online via my mobile.  It was all going well and was pretty straightforward.  Then I saw a red banner at the top of the page… somehow, maybe because of my fat fingers, but probably not, I had selected sears that were sat separately. I […]

Do what you say

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Respect the cognitive workload for users; the best services respect and remember the user’s input by learning from it over time and not getting digital amnesia src: fjordnet

Tracking a journey in real time with citymapper

Posted on Dec 10, 2016

If you’d ask my friends they’d probably say that i’m not known for being the most punctual of people on a night out.  So I was thrilled to find out about citymapper as journey tracker feature.  it enables you to track and send journey details to a friend so you can arrive at the same […]

NUX5 conference

Posted on Oct 8, 2016

To be honest, I’d never really thought of heading out of London for a conference. I’m biased I know, but London is usually where all the cool ‘stuff’ happens. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and diversity of the speakers at NUX5, held in Manchester. The speakers included; Boon Sheridan, Lola Oyelayo, Karina van Schaardenburg, Glenn A. […]

Inspiration – copy/content

Posted on Apr 17, 2016

Recently, I noticed that the GDS style guide advises the use of “eg” instead of “e.g.”. To me, this looks strange, but then again, I’m no  copywriter. eg just looks weird to me, and I’m sure screen readers would have a field day too. Nevertheless, it started me off looking into different abbreviations that have lost their […]