The brief

Create an AR book and app that inspire children to read for pleasure by transforming the traditionally static story reading practice into a fun, interactive and engaging experience through the integration of Augmented Reality technology.


Help parents and children learn that time spent on smartphones and tablets does not have to be confined to mindless games; it can also be beneficial to their education whilst still being fun.


  • Get young children (2-5 year olds) excited about reading
  • Make reading fun and interactive
  • Use technology to improve early years literacy
  • Enhance the physical book rather than replace it


  • Guerrilla research in several book stores
  • Competitor analysis
  • Interview with parents
  • Surveys
  • Ethnographic research
  • Iterative user testing


Project details

Client: Kingston Uni & self-initiated
Responsibilities: Project Owner and Research Lead
Team members:

  • Mesha Lockett – UX and UI Designer
  • Maxie Tran – Design Lead/Illustrator and Animator
  • Keith Brown – Game Designer
  • Attheera Tapduankeo – Technical Lead/ Game Programmer