The brief

People in London find it hard to remember the bars, restaurants and events that they would like to visit. The commonly used methods of storing these details as notes in smartphones, lists on pieces of paper, and diary entries aren’t often revisited if they become too long or are disorganised.


Design a tool that allows its users to easily, effectively and efficiently keep track of their personal to-visit lists by;

  1. Allowing users to easily view their personal to-visit list
  2. Letting the user know how far they are away from their places of interest
  3. Allowing the user to see their lists for bar, restaurant or event individually
  4. Allowing a user to mark somewhere as “visited”
  5. Allowing a user to add a new venue to their list


A cross between agile and lean project methodologies has been used in order to learn, or fail fast. Working on the principles of;

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Continuous Discovery — understanding prospects and customers as an ongoing journey
  • GOOB (“get out of the building”) — talk to real customers in their environment
  • Learning over Growth — learn what works before rushing into scaling up

Project details

Brief: app design
Responsibilities: UI & UX Design

Behind the scene…

User research

User insight – discovery methods


User insight – user requirements


Example Wireframe

Searching for an adding a venue to your to-visit list
Pin an item from a website/app
Filtered map (showing all venues, bars only, restaurants alone)

Example User Journey


User testing (mid fidelity prototype)




Brand application



High fidelity prototype

**More behind the scenes information can be found in my non-public portfolio**