With over 10 years experience in online payments, 35 million registered accounts and over 130 000 registered merchants, Moneybookers had built up a strong brand presence within the online payments world, primarily for online gamblers. However, the product offering had expanded, the company had rebranded, and consumers needed to be made aware that Skrill is the new name for online payments, and that Skrill has been evolving online payments.

My role

Along with the VP of Marketing, I was tasked with bringing the brand to life both online and offline. The major effort in this task was the design and implementation of a website redesign and rebrand as Skrill.
As Head of Creative, I was responsible for the UX of the marketing website, and worked with a design agency on the visual design of the site. Below are some snippets from the thought process of the project.

Project details

Project: Website redesign
Client: Skrill
Responsibilities: Strategy, research, analysis, art direction, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, user stories, user journeys, guerrilla user testing and project management of the marketing site.

Behind the scenes…

From our research we realised that we needed to answer the following questions in order to build trust with potential customers.

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • When did we start doing what we’re doing
  • Where we are
  • How we accomplishing what we claim to do

We also now knew that personal users could be split into 3 broad categories based on their activities. Gamblers, shoppers, and those that use Skrill to transfer money.

Information architecture


Business page low fidelity wireframe


Annotated homepage wireframes

  • homepage-balsamiq_02
  • homepage-balsamiq_03
  • homepage-balsamiq_04
  • homepage-balsamiq_05
  • homepage-balsamiq_06
  • homepage-balsamiq_07

Website theme

Working together with the agency a theme was developed for the website which was influenced by the insights gained through our research and the company history.

Our research showed that people from all walks of live, and a wide selection of countries used Skrill primarily for online gambling, online shopping, or transferring money either to themselves or family and friends “back home”. Models were selected that represented the most prominent demographic profiles of Skrill users.



**More behind the scenes information can be found in my non-public portfolio**