Redefining banking for freelancers and the gig-economy

Posted on May 22, 2019

I recently heard about Oxygen a new challenger bank in the US. Oxygen is designed for freelancers and gig-economy workers who have a lack of predictable salary, which results in the inability to gain credit. As a freelancer, you might have weeks or months whilst working on a project without getting paid – but you […]

Using facial recognition for payment instore? A video showing innovation in payment from China

Posted on Feb 16, 2019

Alipay in China has developed facial recognition technology that allows people to pay instore without the need for cards or other devices. The user simply scan their face at the kiosk and enter their mobile number. The developers say they have an accuracy rate of 99.8%. China, at the forefront of mobile and payment technology […]

Paying by cheque – upgraded to the age of digital

Posted on Aug 11, 2018

Some banks have recently started allowing users to pay in a cheque using their mobile app. Recent rule changes mean that by the end of 2018, instead of sending the cheques to a physical location to be processed and cleared, (which can take 6 working days) they will have to be digitally cleared instead. For […]