eCommerce shops, please stop asking your users to choose their card type

Posted on May 20, 2014

Ryanair has quite famously redesigned their website after widespread media reports that their profits are falling. I can only presume that this has prompted an effort to make the search, selection, and purchase of flights easier for the user. They have improved a lot but there is still some way to go. One such example […]

Lessons learnt from Apple HCI interface guidelines and how they can be applied to everything

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Start Instantly. It’s best when users can begin using your app immediately. When you make the most of this brief period by presenting useful content immediately, you pique the interest of new users and give all users a superior experience. Focus on the needs of 80 percent of your users. When you do this, most people […]

Mandatory form fields are sometimes just greedy

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

I cancelled my subscription for a website, and received a survey from their “head of customer service” asking me to fill in a survey to let them know why I had cancelled so they could improve their service. Fair enough. So I started to fill it out. I had no particular love for this company, […]

So flags aren’t languages, but…

Posted on Jul 22, 2013

So flags aren’t languages, but they do give a good signpost to where the language selection is on the page. Take for example Mozilla’s add-ons website. I somehow ended up on this language version of their website: Knowing it wasn’t the right language for me I began hunting for the option to change my language, […]