Alfons Mucha exhibition – celebrity endorsement

Something I didn’t know…

On a recent trip to the Alfons Mucha exhibition in Prague, I learnt that Mucha was one of the first artists to use celebrities for product endorsements in advertising.
Capitalizing on the notoriety of his  distinctive Art Nouveau style, Mucha enrolled Sarah Bernhardt; a famous actress at the time to sit for him and lend her face to poster artwork that he had been commissioned to do for lefevre-utile biscuits.



He used the funds earnt through these lucrative contracts to fund his non-advertising artwork.

During this period he produced artwork for some of the most popular brands still seen in households today such as Nestle and Moet.

281px-Mucha-Nestlé's_Food_for_Infants-1897 226px-Mucha-Moët_&_Chandon_Crémant_Impérial-1899
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They are, in my eyes, more than just advertising. They are artworks in their own right.