Responsive email design

There is a growing trend for mobile optimized email templates and rightly so as 36% of all email opens in the UK are on mobile devices (including tablets). As a result mobile optimization is one of the top marketing priority for digital marketers in 2013. Options for designing and developing emails for mobile Do nothing.… Continue reading Responsive email design

Creative mornings lectures

I recently discovered CreativeMornings a free monthly breakfast lecture series. Fortunately they are also recorded, and past meetings can be found on their Vimeo page. These bite size lectures (20minutes each) are perfect to get the creative juices flowing and to hear from a variety of speakers about topics you might not otherwise discuss in… Continue reading Creative mornings lectures

Hand lettering

Moscow-based “calligraffiti artist” Senia—also known as Pokras Lampas—has started a lettering project, ‘Calligraphy on Girls’, where he paints gorgeous calligraphy onto the bare bodies of girls. Using the skin of his models as his canvas, the artist creates sensual living artworks that bring the beautiful female form together with beautiful letters. Covering the skin of… Continue reading Hand lettering

User Experience and engagement

Forward thinking organisations have recognized the need to create lateral touch points between areas within the business. For example, marketing speaking to customer service. Product speaking more with the marketing team. They can use these relationships to build bridges between the different areas of the business, and improve the user experience. For example, if customer… Continue reading User Experience and engagement

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Jordans Advert – Just beautiful

This morning, on the tube I saw adverts for Jordans Oats. I must say that I’ve never tried Jordans before but the advertising was so slick that I have been tempted to invest in a packet.

New website tour

You’ve created a new account section for your website, and you want to ensure that all your visitors can easily find their way around. Simple. Create a tour. Not a video tour where they have to skip back and forth to find the information or instruction that they need. But an interactive tour, where they… Continue reading New website tour

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