Convenience of travelling in a digital age

I often travel without making much of a plan. Working out how to get from place to place can be stressful. For example, on a trip to Barcelona, I left London without figuring out how to get to where I needed to at the other end. Being on a late-night flight, I wouldn’t usually do this, but I knew that I had free data roaming, so I could check anything I needed online on my phone.

Arriving at the airport gone midnight, I was pleasantly surprised that when I loaded CityMapper, it automatically knew that I was in Barcelona and asked me if I wanted to switch cities. Yes, yes, I would.

Knowing the address of my hotel, I was able to find the most convenient route to get there with only a few taps. This was highly convenient and took the stress out of travelling.

The bus was, however, late and full. I guess CityMapper can’t solve everything.

Ultimately, I took a regular metered airport taxi as Uber said it was 15 minutes until a car could meet me. Uber can’t solve everything, either. The only thing missing was card payment in the taxi to bring it up to the convenience standard we are now used to.

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