Cookie message in emails.

Today for the first time, I saw a cookie message in an email. They’ve been around on the web for a while, and maybe they’ve been in emails before but I hadn’t notices them, but I received an email from Barclays today that prominently displayed it.


“If you enable images or click on a link, you agree that you give Barclays permission to use cookies through this email. Cookies help us to understand whether you have opened the email and how you have interacted with it. They may also be used if you have already enabled images, or if we are in your safe sender list or equivalent. To find out more see the end of this email.”

Marketing CRM pro’s use images to track the number of opens there are on an email, then they can tell their boss how effective the campaign has been.
Not many web users are aware that displaying the image, also feeds back to the organisation that you’ve opened the email.

I wonder if users would still bother to display images, if they knew this is the method used to “track” them.