Customer experience challenges and wins for businesses whose services were previously face-to-face only

Many companies and industries are finding ways to adapt to not being in an office or conducting their services face-to-face, where it was previously unimaginable or not thought practical.

We’ve been thrust into a world where innovative business practices are the norm, and companies need to find a way to adapt quickly so they can still conduct business.

One such example that I experienced was a surveyor appointment. Surveyor’s appointments to assess damage internal to the property were always face-to-face. Always. This time, to avoid delays, the company assigned to my case used a video chat app so that I could give them a virtual walkthrough showing the damage. They could then direct me to what they wanted to see, take pictures/screenshots through the video for their records and make their assessment.

Showing someone around on a video isn’t a new concept in our private lives, but in many businesses, I imagine this ‘new way of doing things’ took some cajoling to get approved. The following questions and assessments were most likely made:

  • Is it an adequate replacement?
  • Will we get the same quality?
  • Are we putting ourselves at a disadvantage? / can we be cheated?

On the other hand, not doing something to adapt and innovate whilst we’re mostly all locked in our homes is a surefire way to lose business. So the impetus is for companies that can find ways to adapt, to adapt.

Companies willing to challenge the old rule book and think creatively are the most likely to thrive.

Examples of innovation/challenging the rule book of how business is done

It’s exciting to see companies embracing the opportunity to build on what they have and then adapt to create something new. I, for one, look forward to seeing what other things are adapted for this new world.

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