eCommerce shops, please stop asking your users to choose their card type

Ryanair has quite famously redesigned their website after widespread media reports that their profits are falling. I can only presume that this has prompted an effort to make the search, selection, and purchase of flights easier for the user.

They have improved a lot but there is still some way to go.

One such example is asking the user to choose the card type when entering their credit card details.

Visa’s start with 4, MasterCards with 5

Asking the user for this information is redundant, as it can be verified by looking at the first set of number of a credit/debit card, the BIN number. With a bit more effort on the coding side, Ryanair, and a large number of other websites’s could avoid putting their users through another hoop before they complete a purchase.

Benefits of removing this field

  • 1 less field for the user to fill in
  • 1 less chance of error for the user when they forget to switch the card type from the default option in the drop down list



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