Hand lettering


Moscow-based “calligraffiti artist” Senia—also known as Pokras Lampas—has started a lettering project, ‘Calligraphy on Girls’, where he paints gorgeous calligraphy onto the bare bodies of girls.

Using the skin of his models as his canvas, the artist creates sensual living artworks that bring the beautiful female form together with beautiful letters.

Covering the skin of the models like intricate tattoos, each piece of calligraphy body art is unique—working with photographers and make-up artists, Senia shoots these temporary artworks after they are completed to record them for posterity.

More information about the project

Outside Diary

It reminds me a lot of a project I did years ago called Outside Diary where the subjects innermost thoughts, which would until now only be captured in their private diaries were published on their skin for all to see. Below are a couple example from the project: