How retail stores are taking steps to foster positive social impact which might not have an immediate benefit to their bottom line

There are many ways consumers and clothes retailers can do better for society. Fast fashion and the detrimental impact it can have on our ecology is its own topic, but today I want to talk about a poster I saw in a changing room to bring awareness to signs of breast cancer.

Poster in a changing room

For many women, checking for signs of breast cancer is not something they know how to do. The simple illustration used in the poster takes advantage of the context – most people will already be undressed and can use the mirror to look for the signs mentioned.

This to me was a brilliant piece of cross-business collaboration for the better good of society. The retail shop had no need to have these posters in their changing rooms as it won’t improve the sale of goods. However, they have partnered with changecheck to do something that might not have immediate revenue benefits but can bring about improvements for society and their brand.

Businesses that embed practices that lead to positive social impacts are the ones that people will love and will benefit us all.

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