I’m not going to read all that. I’m only going to ctrl+f and find the information I want

As we become more and more time precious, or rather less likely to pay attention for too long, I can imagine that many users have employed the same technique as I do when I feel that there is information on a page that I need, but it is surrounded by junk copy. As an example below I needed to find the online check-in on Ryanair’s site (yes I know, they are not help up as a pinacle of UX mastery) and I was too time precious to read all the info on the page. So I used “find” to find the keyword that was relevant.Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 20.44.10

Imagine what the page would be like if it stayed on focus and only contained the information that the user was likely to be searching for/need? Some call me a dreamer… one day.

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