Inspiration – week 49

Smoke alarms re-imagined

Smoke alarms cry wolf so often that they’re not doing their jobs anymore. When it goes off, we’re not scared, we’re annoyed. And we take the batteries out.

Its always great to see design innovation for something that has existed for a long time, unchallenged. This week, I saw an advert for a smarter smoke alarm, which told you which room of your house there was a fire/incident. It was also connected to your phone via an app, which would allow you to be informed if there was a fire in your house.


Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.11.46

Apart from it being a great re-imagination of a seemingly boring product, it also came together with a great marketing landing page/banner advertisement. Think about it, had you ever thought about replacing a smoke alarm, and not just its batteries?