Long survey? keep the user going by reminding them of the incentive

Half way through filling out a survey I got a bit bored. The effort involved seemed to high.
I was half way to closing the browser window when part way through I received a reminder of the possible advantage of staying the course.

A reminder to keep on going

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 22.13.44

Well what do you know, I was suddenly incentivised to keep chugging on. Before I knew it, I had completed the survey, and had a 1/1000000000000 chance of winning a £100 amazon voucher.

The thought that I might be a winner was enough to spur me on when I was waning part way through.

What can we learn from this?

Many people start things with good intentions, ask anyone who has ever made a new years resolution. However, many fall by the way-side when they do not clearly feel that the goal is achievable, and its worth making the effort for.

In general filling in a form can be tedious if it has more than a few questions. Reminding a user part-way through of the benefit of completing the survey helps to spur them on, and reduce the number of dropouts.

I’m sure some bright spark looked at the average drop-out point and decided to put this enticing message in just the right position. Kudos to them.