Making it easier for people to ‘do good’ whilst staying at a hotel

On a recent trip, I noticed that my hotel offered guests the opportunity to do good and contribute to charity without having to lift a finger, and more importantly, without the hotel having to. 

Instead of having their room cleaned, guests could opt-out of this service and money (I assume the labour and tool costs associated) would be contributed to charity instead. 

In an age where more and more people strive to do good, it was nice to see a hotel making it as easy as possible for customers to contribute to a worthy cause without needing to ask them to give money. 

The business saves money or redirects it to charity and the brand stands out for guests because of the associated feel-good factor.

Ethical standpoint

My recent work in the travel and hotel industry has taught me that people are becoming more conscious about the ethical policies a hotel brand adopts and this increasingly influences booking decisions.

Adopting an approach that makes it easy for customers to do good, particularly when doing good requires little effort, will win hearts and minds in a society that is becoming increasingly conscious of the decisions they make and the impact they have.

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