Lessons learnt from Microsoft design principles

  1. Show pride in craftsmanship
  2. Be fast and fluid
  3. Be authentically digital
    • connect to the cloud so that users can stay connected to each other
    • be dynamic and alive with communication
    • use typography beautifully
    • use bold, vibrant colours
    • use motion meaningfully
  4. Do more with less
    • reduce design to its essence
    • solve for distractions, not discoverability
    • be great at something instead of medicare at many things
    • inspire confidence in users
    • let people get immersed in what they love, and they will explore the rest
    • move commands off the browser chrome into charms. Help users focus on what they care about
  5. Win as one
    • Work with other apps, device and systems to complete scenarios for people. Like picking content from one app and sharing it with another.

It’s that simple

  • 3 major screens targeted by microsoft – PC, TV, and mobile devices.
  • Users want to get a lot of information quickly. Don’t let them become distracted.
  • Focus on the individual and their tasks. Help organise information and application.

It’s all about the user…and the task that they want to perform, So that they can get back to life.

 Glance and go. Get me there quickly

  • Clean, light, open, fast
  • feels fast and responsive
  • focus on primary tasks
  • do a lot with very little
  • fierce reduction of unnecessary elements
  • delightful use of white space
  • full bleed canvas
  • Allow customisation as much as possible.

Content not chrome

Use text as a visual aesthetic

  • delight through content instead of decoration
  • reduce visuals that are not content
  • content is the UI
  • direct interaction with the content

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