Moving away from stereotypes in advertising for a more inclusive future

This post is quite different from what I usually write about, but it’s something I loved and thought was worth sharing.

I’ve noticed more brands using regular, real-life, traceable people in their advertising.

Airtasker was the first brand that I saw doing this. Airtasker is a company that connects tradespeople with those that need something doing in their home.

The best person for the task

The print campaign by Airtasker centres around the theme of ‘the best person for the task’. It moves away from gender, race, ethnicity, and generally all stereotypes.

In 2019, the best person for the job might not look anything like what you’d see in a bad 1970s TV show. But, the world has moved on, and the media we see around us must reflect this.

Nowadays, an increasing number of women are tradespeople. However, the stereotypes about what women can or can’t do play a role in expectations and, I’m guessing, the number of bookings they receive from sites such as Airtasker.

Creating a more inclusive ad campaign showing that the best person for the task might not fit people’s preconceived ideas positively impacts society and is also likely to increase the number of bookings Taskers receive.

The aim of this campaign was to deliver Airtasker’s core brand message. Bias within society has become commonplace, and in most cases without intention, yet it still exists. The purpose of these outdoor adverts were to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the community of Taskers that have been thriving in our cities

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