NUX5 conference

To be honest, I’d never really thought of heading out of London for a conference. I’m biased I know, but London is usually where all the cool ‘stuff’ happens. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and diversity of the speakers at NUX5, held in Manchester.

The speakers included; Boon SheridanLola OyelayoKarina van SchaardenburgGlenn A. GustitusSophie DennisGraham Odds and Henny Swan. All the talks were top quality and somehow felt that they were talking directly to me – everything I tackle at work and outside of it too.

Boon talked about not relying on checklists or best practices to make decisions, Lola talked about wicked problems, Glen talked about security, Sophie talked about the Kano model and the peak-end rule, Graham talked about chat bots and Henny talked about accessibility.

Security and user experience

All too often companies create terrible experiences for their customers by trying to be ultra-secure, but being lazy with how they do it. Think of those CAPTCHAs that are impossible to read or overly complex password requirements. Heck, not too long ago I came across a site that wanted me to create a password, enter it twice, but wouldn’t allow you to copy/paste between fields because of “security”. We make users work too hard to access the things we make.

In his talk Glenn showed how easy it is to guess someones secruity question answer and gave an example from google who have stopped using security questions. Instead replacing it with a recovery email address or telephone number.






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