Pet hate. Being asked for information that could be found by another mean

I’ve written about this before, I vaguely remember it, but I’ll write about it again, as its so important.

There are many ways of wasting users time online, some of them completely avoidable, with a little thought. Below is an example from a survey that I had started to fill in.


To be honest I gave up on filling in the survey because it was taking more time to complete than I was willing to commit. And I got annoyed that they were asking unnecessary questions. Like what device I was using. Well, they could check and see by looking at their analytics. There was no need for them to ask me that explicitly.

I know most users won’t think the same way as me, but if I’m doing the organisation a “favour” by filling in their survey with no reward, then they should at least make it easy for me to complete quickly.

Suggested improvements

Remove any questions where the answers could be sourced from elsewhere. E.g. what type of device the user was currently using, what country they are from, etc etc.

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