Why pictures of food on food packaging can be a good idea and why we shouldn’t let aesthetic’s alone influence the design of things

I stopped eating meat nearly one year ago. I’ve not eaten meat intentionally since then.

Picture the scene – I was absolutely knackered after a hard day at work. As a tired, grumpy person I needed a quick easy meal so that I could fill my belly and crash out early.

I went into to the supermarket and fresh pasta seemed just the thing to satisfy my l needs.

For whatever reason “pancetta” didn’t register as a meat to me. In my daze I got it confused with a cheese – again I was really tired. Long story short I really missed having the photos you sometimes get on food packaging. I don’t know if scenarios like mine are high on the list when designing food packaging but it really would’ve helped.

This incident also lead me to accidentally do something I really hadn’t wanted to – eat meat ???.

Restaurants in other countries seem to have figured this out with picture menus.

It got me thinking about the use of images and iconography. Sometimes they really do help people understand products and aren’t just for decorative purposes, especially when the ingredient isn’t recognised in the language where it is being sold.

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