Third Sector Masterclass UX UI

Project brief

Aim of the site: a pay-per-view website and mobile site controlled by a CMS, hosting subscription only, on demand online video courses with the similar design style as

Project details

Project: Website design
Client: Haymarket Media
Responsibilities: UX, visual design/UI

Behind the scenes

Project scoping

After receiving the initial brief, a scoping exercise was conducted to estimate the effort involved, and to also clearly communicate with the stakeholders “what they’ll get for their money”. An estimate for each task was created as well as a minimum and recommended amount of time that should be allocated to the tasks.

On discussion with the client, these figures were adjusted to reduce or remove the effort spent in some areas in order to keep the project within budget whilst still delivering something of value for the business and for users.



The prototypes and more behind the scenes work can be found in my non-public portfolio