Product Idea: Allowing people to ‘try-on’ furniture colours when buying online

I was recently trying to choose a new sofa and being ever indecisive I couldn’t quite make up my mind about what colour to choose (or sofa for that matter but let’s stick to colour for now). in the showroom there was one example sofa and hundreds and hundreds of colours and materials.
I had too much to choose and found it hard to make a decision. I took home samples, had samples posted to me and had to take a second trip to the shop to have another look.

This dragged on for two to three weeks.

Having recently completed an augmented reality children’s book and been searching for things to go in my new flat, I had some experience of AR and the pain of choosing when you’ve got a world of products to choose from.

The concept

Allow visitors to use AR or VR to view sofas in store in a variety of colour ways.

Similar products

One of the best examples I’ve seen is from the glasses shop frames direct where potential buyers can virtually try on glasses before purchasing.

Allows users to virtually place items from their catalogue in their room.
Uses Beacons to puts tags on their products and places tablets in their store so visitors can find out


  • Because some items you want to test rather than viewing images online only and ordering without first having trialled the product.
  • Because seeing a small sample swatch of a colour isn’t enough to help you make a decision (sometimes).
  • Because potential buyers still want to feel the fabric when they go In-store or order a sample

How will I know it’s right?

Visitors will be more sure in their selection and there would be fewer returns saving the business money.

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