Ryanair’s still at it with their dark patterns

Most travellers on low cost airlines are used to jumping through hoops when booking online, in order to avoid paying for things they didn’t want such as car rental and travel insurance. Ryanair famously used several dark patterns in order to increase their revenue.

Fairly recently Ryanair updated their site, and on the face of it, it was a lot better visually, and presumably easier to use also. That is until you actually try to use it.

In the screenshots below you can see that they still include travel insurance as default, and there is no option for “none” the only way you don’t accidentally purchase this add-on is if you leave the down down as “please select a country of residence”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 20.39.33I’m sure some poor designer or UXer was pulling their hair out trying to convince the powers that be that this shouldn’t be so, but as a brand I don’t think anyone in Ryanair was listening.