Self Assessment UX

On completing the self assessment late last year I noticed that they gave an option to receive further updates via email, or continue to receive communication via post.

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Safety first

The number of phishing, junk and spam mails received these days would make it easy for a user to miss a legitimate email. I for one, have a specific email address (a catch all email) set up to receive .gov emails. This allows me to easily search through my emails to find emails sent to this address. It is however unlikely that the common user would have something similar, and would therefore run the risk of accidentally deleting an important mail, or simply not realise that it is a genuine email and not a phishing scam.

So the question is then how comfortable do people feel receiving important information by email alone? And what can do to increase security round its communications?

My initial thought are that it would be nice to see an option that would allow users to receive updates via email and post, as a transition phase, or for people like me who would be too scared that they missed a communication via email, and subsequently got fined.

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