Startups disrupting death and mortgages

I’ve noticed an increase in startups that tackle topics such as death and mortgages. Not the traditionally sexy products or services we’ve seen in the last ten years, but something we all face is ripe for disruption.

Death is a topic too often ignored. People, especially young people, are the least likely to plan that far ahead. The majority of wills created by young people come about because their mortgage company requested they make one or start a family. It’s a topic that, unless faced with, is often put to the back of people’s minds as something that can be done later.

On the exterior, as an industry, the funeral business is as traditional as traditional gets. High-street shops could easily fit into a Victorian street scene.


Similarly, until relatively recently, mortgages have been the same. Banking, in general, has a head start with products/services such as Monzo.

Changes afoot

Some startups have looked at the opportunity – everyone dies, and have started making the preparation for it smarter and more user-friendly. helps people plan funerals and write wills.

“When there’s a will, there’s a… solicitor’s bill.” Until now

Strapline on a advert

farewill is a similar product. It offers a simple, intuitive and easy do-it-yourself will-writing service.

poppysfunerals is a modern funeral director.

These services are working to transform the experience of people who may not have where the products they offer may not be top of mind. They are making their services look and feel like other services we’ve become accustomed to and very different to the stuffy, victorian shop that we see on high streets, which we’d instead not think about or engage with.


It’s hard to convince someone to think about something they don’t want to or are actively avoiding, especially when the person feels that they don’t have anything of value to leave.

How do you convince someone that they need to arrange something now when they won’t need it for potentially another 50 years? It’s a complex challenge. But, for those that might need or think about it soon, these new services are a refreshing, simple way of dealing with a daunting task.

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