Surveys: You’ll get the wrong answers if you ask the wrong questions

I took a bus tour on the weekend, and at the end, they asked all the visitors to fill in a survey about their experience.

That in itself said to me that they care about the experience of their guests, or at least that they would like to know how well the service is doing.

Unfortunately, the survey didn’t leave space for me to say what I really thought. I answered honestly, and the summary of my response was overly positive. Sure enough, the host was friendly, the tour ran on time, and I found it interesting. But, the audio was terrible, and it was extremely difficult to hear much of the stories being told.

It would be harder to codify, but it would be much more useful (as a tool to improve the service) if the survey included questions such as:

  • What did you enjoy most about the tour?
  • What things could we improve on?

This would give them a better measure of their performance and what they could do to improve service for future guests.

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