Do what you say

Respect the cognitive workload for users; the best services respect and remember the user’s input by learning from it over time and not getting digital amnesia src: fjordnet

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Keeping you informed of where you are in a process

I recently received an email from Barclays/ING Direct informing me where they were in the process of switching over from one to the other. Their email did a very good job of informing me in a visual way what was happening to my account and where in the process they were. They didn’t just send me… Continue reading Keeping you informed of where you are in a process

Clever email UX

A few years ago, Thunderbird I think were the first ESP to check for the word “attachment” when you went to send and email, and if there was no attachment, it would say – “hey, we noticed you wrote attachment, but there is nothing attached.” This was a fantastic solution to a common problem of… Continue reading Clever email UX

Cookie message in emails.

Today for the first time, I saw a cookie message in an email. They’ve been around on the web for a while, and maybe they’ve been in emails before but I hadn’t notices them, but I received an email from Barclays today that prominently displayed it. “If you enable images or click on a link,… Continue reading Cookie message in emails.