Form field spacing example

I tried to pay my council tax online recently, and was confronted with this:     Where to even begin… The left column was too narrow to fit in some of the labels. At first glance it looks like the first entry field is for “housing benefit overpayment”, but it is in fact for the… Continue reading Form field spacing example

Pet hate. Being asked for information that could be found by another mean

I’ve written about this before, I vaguely remember it, but I’ll write about it again, as its so important. There are many ways of wasting users time online, some of them completely avoidable, with a little thought. Below is an example from a survey that I had started to fill in. To be honest I… Continue reading Pet hate. Being asked for information that could be found by another mean

Password recovery UX

Imagine this scenario: You’ve entered your password incorrectly several times. If you continue to enter the password unsuccessfully then your account will be blocked. If you don’t remember, or recover your password, then you’ll give up and never use the site again, or register for a new account unnecessarily. I remember Blackberry phones would show… Continue reading Password recovery UX

Mandatory form fields are sometimes just greedy

I cancelled my subscription for a website, and received a survey from their “head of customer service” asking me to fill in a survey to let them know why I had cancelled so they could improve their service. Fair enough. So I started to fill it out. I had no particular love for this company,… Continue reading Mandatory form fields are sometimes just greedy

Enhance required input field

There are tons of articles out there about forms, particularly forms on eCommerce sites. I’ve been to a lot of sites that have bad forms. The form on my contact page isn’t great itself, but I’m working on it. I saw something particularly interesting today though. A form that focuses in on the required fields.… Continue reading Enhance required input field