Techies being responsible for newsletter micro-copy?

I saw the following email subject line when I decided to unsubscribe from a companies mailing list:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 17.42.20

Unfortunately the tone of the subject line was pretty harsh


Sometimes when speaking with techies, or industry professionals, they will throw in jargon by accident. Something that is well known in their field, but to the layman means nothing, or might be rude, like the “termination” above. ┬áHaving someone from marketing, or copy look over even the micro copy of a website or product can be an extremely valuable investment, as it will help protect your brand name, and reputation. Who would want to be the brand thats rude to their customers? or even worse their potentially soon to be former customers.

Other options

There are some really great examples of unsubscribe emails out there. But for simplicities sake changing the form from “Termination” to “Cancellation” is already more palatable, and less aggressive.

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