The engagement crisis

It is the first time since the invention of the car that the newer generations are less likely to drive. Not necessarily because of environmental or or economic reasons but because they cant tweet, text or instagram whilst driving.*

It is truly amazing how difficult it is to keep users engaged on something that isn’t perceived to be “fun” or has no immediately perceived aspect of gamification. Even learning in schools has to be more engaging. Students aren’t satisfied with the old learning approaches, of reading plain text books. My mother a teacher, now teaches her students algebra through a game where they compete against each other with spaceships. Weird I know.

Come to think of it, as a child, I tried to learn piano through a game where if I played the chords right, then I would win points on my super-Nes.

This gamification has been coming for a long time, but is more and more prevalent with everything we do

src: kris duggan