The Kindle Fire was designed for Brits

The sun shone for nearly one whole month in England (and the rest of Europe). This was met with joy by 99% of the population. However, I suddenly found myself searching for dark corners in order to continue reading my Kindle Fire and other similar devices.

The contrast in the media I was consuming was just fine – dark colours against light backgrounds. However, whilst outside enjoying the sun, the devices left me staring at my own reflection most of the time. I wonder how people cope in countries where they have sunlight for more than 4 weeks of the year?

It got me thinking, I wonder if you could have a “sunlight” mode in a reading app? Which allowed you to switch to the optimal colour configuration for reading in the sun. It could even be a plugin that you could configure in your reading app.

Alas, the suns stopped shining, so I can’t test my theory. I’ll have to wait until 2014 now, or go on holiday…