User research example – spotting opportunities

You go to a theme park, you go on rides that are scary, and you go on rides that get you wet…

Human sized dryer


The above picture shows a human sized dryer I observed on a recent research trip to a theme park.

User need. Check

In the UK, the days (in general) aren’t so warm, and quite a few rides now contain an element of water, whether that be a mild splashing or a complete drenching. A typical visitor would want to go on as many rides as possible. But may be deterred by the idea of trying to air dry after such a ride, or spending the rest of the day wet.

Business need. Check

If the visitor is cold and miserable, they might curtail their trip, spending less money in the theme park. Their overall enjoyment might be dampened, and they may be less likely to “rave on” to their friends about the brilliant time they had, recommending the theme park, thus increasing the number of visitors to the park without direct marketing.

Bonus points

The theme park charges for the dryer, thus creating an additional revenue stream.

I’d like to imagine that someone was walking around a theme park observing all these soaked customers and had an ingenious idea to put in the human dryers.

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