When will voice recognition wordprocessing get popular again? Or are we too distracted for it to work?

I remember 10-15 years ago when using voice recognition word processing software was very popular, but it never quite worked. Nevertheless, it was the quick way of getting something down when all you had to do was speak into a microphone, and your computer would type it all out. At the time, it sounded like a great idea, allowing the user to be more efficient with their time by speeding up the time they could “write”.

Nowadays, people use their computers in a range of environments. Not just in a designated room in their house, as it was back then. The ambient sounds around would cause a problem for the computer to recognise what was being said and what was just background noise from a TV, for example.

I began to think about this after seeing a demonstration of the Xbox 1/Kinect voice recognition commands. And also after observing myself seeking background noise when listening to a video online. Although I was trying to focus on this video, I also played a song on YouTube simultaneously to create some ambient noise. It felt natural to me to try and do two things at once and not be completely, 100% focused on one thing at a time.

[to be continued]

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