Youtube advertisers, you’ve got 5 seconds of my time. Make better use of it.

I listen to a lot of music on Youtube, and it seems like I am forced to listen to an advert every second song. Irritating as it is, very very occasionally, it will be something I’m interested in.

Fortunately, Youtube allow you to skip the advert after 5 seconds. However, very few advertisers are using these first 5 seconds to their full advantage.

Like designing pages for the web, the advertisers need to learn to give me a good idea of what they are promoting within the first five seconds, before I click on “skip ad”. If I’m actively working on my computer, and I’m not caught within this time, then I will find the window, and skip the ad. It might’ve been something I would be interested in, but they didn’t manage to capture my attention within the required amount of time that I am forced to continue listening to the ad.

What should they do?

Tell me what they are selling quickly. In fact, tell me the most important point within the first 5 seconds, where they have me as a captive audience.
They can then go into more detail in the remaining time of their advert. I’m sure if more advertisers practised this then they would make a better ROI.

clever use of the “Skip ad” button

A charity in Chile created an alternative button in the same style as youtubes, which showed the viewer how simple changes in their home could save energy, and become more eco friendly. It then challeneged, them to skip the ad, or skip the bad behaviour.

View ad.

And if I really like it?

If I really like an ad, i’ll share it with friends, either through the share button, or sending the link to friends.