I am a UX/service designer, living, working and loving London. Curiousity and the love of my profession are what drive me forward, so when I’m not being paid to do it, I do it for fun in my spare time.


My innate inquisitiveness led me into a career in User Experience and Service Design where I, on a daily basis am able to ask “why?” in an effort to improve the experience of the user.

My dedication to staying current, expanding my knowledge, and developing new skills means I regularly attend UX and design related meetups and self-initiated professional development courses. I also have a masters degree in User Experience Design (with a distinction).

For fun, I like to illustrate. So you’ll see a lot of that on this website.


My primary background includes design for FINTECH, government, and media & publishing. I’ve worked on brands such as Samsung, Skrill, Datacash (a MasterCard company), Aspire the calorie burning soft drink, PRWeek, ManagementToday, MarketingMagazine, ENDs, and Frisk Online.

Unfortunately, much of what I do is restricted by NDAs, but have a look through my site, and you can get a feel for the type of work I create.


As part of my UX process, I regularly conduct the following activities…
Competitor analysis, analytics review, stakeholder interviews, surveys, content audit, user interviews, heuristic reviews, user testing use case creation, storyboarding, personas, scenarios, collaborative design, workflow diagrams, sitemap, wireframe, paper prototype, mood board, interactive prototypes, visual design.

Usefulness, usability, and aesthetics are at the heart of what I design for. Therefore I work closely with my clients to ensure that their product or service focuses on the needs, wants and goals of the user and marrying this with the requirements of the business.

Interested in working with me? Email info@anna-kay.co.uk