Convenience of travelling in a digital age

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

I often travel without making much of a plan. Working out how to get from place to place can be stressful. On a trip to barcelona, i left london without figuring out how to get to where I needed to at the other end. Being a late night flight, I wouldn’t usually do this, but […]

Workshop games

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

Great ideas don’t have to come from the UX or service designer on a team. A good designer taps into the knowledge and facilitates idea generation with others. One way of doing this is through design games. Here are a few that I’ve tried and had success with, and some that I haven’t (yet). The […]

You can find a gem of an idea when you look at user needs, not just business needs

Posted on Sep 3, 2018

Today I saw an advert for Awaymo. Awaymo offer interest free instalments for holiday flights. Like winter, rain or train delays, for many people, holidays are an annual or more frequent event. But we can be bad at saving up for them and may often not have the money ready when we see a great […]